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Welcome! We offer our members a comprehensive tumbling curriculum. An important part of our program is teaching a mastery of body control in all aspects of tumbling. Our expectation are that our students will gain a mastery in each skill before they move onto the next skill. Each class is set up with proper progressions to keep our students safe and healthy.

All tumbling practice should be done in the presence of a trained professional. We do not suggest trying new skills at home. We do recommend working on strengthening and conditioning multiple times a week to increase your bodies ability to accept the training that is offered at Louisiana Athletics.

TUMBLING SHAPES AND BODY POSITIONS: This document will help all students understand their body. Tumbling is and addition of shapes and energy. Mastering these shapes allows our students to create tumbling that is powerful and weightless. The Multiplier is strength and flexibility which also must be mastered.


These are the skills which students should be perfecting if they are in the listed level class.


Students should be doing drills for skills one level above the class they are in.