The X Factors to Your Kids’ Health

Are your kids struggling to focus in school? Are they tired? Have they been diagnosed with ADHD? Are they active and still having trouble with weight? If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations – you’re an American! But there is hope; here are several factors that are incredibly crucial to you and your kids’ health.


What researchers believe is that an overactive immune system results in the body being flooded with defense cells and hormones that damage tissues. Toxins are caused by diet and our environment can build up in our bodies, creating inflammation. This tells your immune system to “turn on”. Our immune systems should turn on and help us when we’re sick, but when it STAYS on, that’s when problems arise. Foods that promote inflammation are:

•Corn and soybean oils

•Pasteurized dairy

•Refined carbohydrates

•Conventional meat


•Trans fats

Conversely, here is a list of foods that heals inflammation and will treat you and your child’s body right:

•Fruits like cherries, raspberries & blueberries

• Beans and lentils

•Green foods (leafy greens, avocados, etc.)

•Nuts and seeds (not peanuts)

•Organic meats & eggs


Alongisde our diet, sleep is so crucial and is to affect more than just how awake we feel. Getting enough sleep is important to performance, the ability to learn, the strength of our immune systems, and even our physical growth. On average, children between 5 and 12 years old get about 9.5 hours a night, but experts actually recommend that they get 10-11 hours each night.

The Air

Everything that goes into those little bodies affects their health – and that includes the air they breathe. Forced air systems are prone to harboring dust mites and mold, as are humidity-holding spaces. This means that, while humidifiers can help to clear colds and congestion, they should only be used when necessary. Dust and mold both can increase susceptibility and risk to asthma and other respiratory issues. Make sure to clean your home’s air vents, replace filters regularly, and use humidifiers and other moisture-inducing systems only when necessary. It also goes without saying that smoking in the home should be a no-go. if you must smoke, take it outside and away from windows and your children.

Psychological Environment

True health goes just beyond the physical – it’s also about mental and emotional health. Every family is different, as are every child’s needs. What’s important is that you continue to be an open resource and good listener for your child, offering a trusted support system. Encourage them to try new things, teach them healthy behaviors, and be the role model you want them to have.

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