Tumbling Skills & Drills Video Library



These are the skills which students should be perfecting if they are in the listed level class.

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Fundamental (Basic Rotation and Inversion)

Beginner 1 (Basic Rotation and Inversion Continued)

Beginner 2 (Intro to Flight)

Intermediate 1 (180° Flight)

Intermediate 2 (180° Flight Extended)

Advanced 1 (360° Flight)

Advanced 2 (360° Flight – Shape Variations)

Elite 1 (Multiple Axes Rotation) (coming soon)

Elite 2 (Multiple Rotations) (coming soon)



Students should be doing drills for skills one level above the class they are in.

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Drills for Fundamental Skills

Drills for Beginner 1 Skills

Drills for Beginner 2 Skills

Drills for Intermediate 1 Skills

Drills for Intermediate 2 Skills

Drills for Advanced 1 Skills

Drills for Advanced 2 Skills

Drills for Elite Skills

Drills for Elite 2 Skills (coming soon)