Perfect “10” Tumbling

Why Do We Teach Excellent Tumbling Technique?


In today’s instant society, it is easy for tumbling coaches, students, and parents to want to rush into new tumbling skills before they are ready or before they have obtained excellent form and technique. Without taking much consideration into mental and physical development, students can be asked to attempt more difficult moves before they have completely mastered easier ones.

Our number one question that we get, when we start a new student in our training program is. “Why do I need to have such good technique to move on to the next skill?” This question is valid, as many students that you see, either on the internet or at other facilities, are working towards skills without mastering others.

Our team of tumbling experts and professional educators have brainstormed and listed the “Top 10” most important things to consider about tumbling and why taking the time to do EVERY skill the proper way is important.

This list is what our tumbling program is written around. We want to help make our students the best version of themselves. We cannot do that if we teach them how to cut corners, rush safety for immediate gratification, and do not take into consideration the long term effects of repeat stress on their bodies.


Top 10 Reasons to Commit To Learning

Excellent Tumbling Technique





  1. Makes You Stronger – In order to have excellent technique we need muscles strong enough to control our body. Focusing on excellent technique makes us focus on getting stronger.


  1. Easier on your body – Over time tumbling can take a toll on our bodies. When using excellent technique, we protect our bodies by having the lessening the impact of our body weight.


  1. Reduces Changes of Mental Blocks – Mental blocks occur whenever we do not feel in control of our body before performing a skill. It can come from growing taller, getting older, or stress. The more confidence you have in the control of your body, the less like to develop mental blocks.


  1. Increases Self Confidence – When we do things well, our confidence grows. Confidence in little tasks becomes confidence in bigger tasks. When we have excellent tumbling technique, we are able to accomplish each skill with confidence and pride.


  1. Ensures Tumbling on Multiple Surfaces – We use mats and soft surfaces to learn and try new things. Life sometimes requires us to tumble on different surfaces. Learning excellent technique ensures that we can confidently tumble on multiple surfaces.


  1. Tumbling Progressions Become Easier and Faster – Once we achieve the idea of excellent technique and can apply that idea to all of our skills. Each skill will become easier to learn and progression becomes faster.


  1. Increases Discipline and Focus – Just like learning new things, discipline and focus takes practice. When we strive for excellent technique, it takes focus and discipline to achieve. These skills can be used in other areas of your life.


  1. No Boundaries to What You Can Learn – When we have excellent technique, we are not limited to how much we can learn and how far we can go. Possibilities are endless!


  1. Prevents Injury – When learning perfect technique, we master control of our body. Once we have control of our body along with the proper strength and flexibility our changes of getting injured also zero.


  1. Tumbling Becomes Fun – Did you know that tumbling should be light and fun. Many of the skills can be painful and heavy while learning without excellent technique. Once we work for perfect technique, tumbling becomes fun and simple. That’s a goal we all want!


So whether you are wanting to just learn some flips, or if you would like to become a strong athlete to cheer for your school. Committing to having perfect technique will keep you safe, make you strong, and let you have some fun. It takes time and determination to obtain this level of tumbling, but with the right coaches and motivators and the right attitude you too can have the awesome tumbling that you want!

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