3 Ways to Show Love to Your Kids

 3 Ways to Show Love to Your Kids

In our hearts as parents, our kids are number one. Unfortunately, with the myriad demands of modern everyday life, it may not always look that way. Here are 3 ways you can show your child how much you care. 

 Take your child out on a “date”

Taking your child on a “date” means getting out of the house and doing something together– without distractions, without other siblings, without your spouse. Do whatever your kid wants to do (within reason), and set aside your own agenda. If your daughter wants to get all dolled up and go to McDonald’s for dinner, put on your Sunday best and let her order whatever she likes. If your son wants to go to the arcade, get in there and shoot the bad guys or whack-a-mole right alongside him. Having fun together on their terms will show them that you value what they value.

Treat your child to dinner and a movie– at home:

As fun as it is to go out, a night in with your child can be just as rewarding for both of you. The important thing is to drop everything– housework, laundry, work emails– and spend an evening devoted to your child. Let him/her choose the movie and the menu. Cook something simple together and save the cleanup for tomorrow. Slip into some cozy jammies and actually watch the whole movie with your child (put down your phone), laughing with him/her and sharing a bowl of popcorn. It’s the ordinary moments like these that make a happy childhood, and what better way to show love for your child than making memories together?

Tell your child you love them

Think about how often you say these three pivotal words. Is it often enough? Think about the circumstances under which you say “I love you”– is it just a bedtime ritual? Is it losing its value as a meaningful statement rather than a ritual send-off? Does your child know why you love him or her? It’s not because he’s smart or because she’s funny. And it’s not for any conditional reason. You love your child because he/she is your child. Period. You always have and you always will. That’s what unconditional love means. Teach your child the true meaning of love by expressing it frequently, meaningfully, and unconditionally.

If adults work hard to reconnect and rekindle a relationship with their spouse, why not also aim to spruce up your parent-child relationships, too? You and your child may be surprised by how much fun you have enjoying each other’s company and sharing love for one another.

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