The Power of “Yet”

The Power of “Yet” The other day, I walked into the dining room to find my three-year-old slumped at the table in tears. Puzzled, I asked her what was the matter. “It’s the little ‘d’. I can’t do it,” she sobbed. She had been practicing her letters excitedly for the past week, but had stumbled … Continued

3 Ways to Show Love to Your Kids

 3 Ways to Show Love to Your Kids In our hearts as parents, our kids are number one. Unfortunately, with the myriad demands of modern everyday life, it may not always look that way. Here are 3 ways you can show your child how much you care.   Take your child out on a “date” Taking … Continued

Kuddos to You for Keeping Your Kids Active

Kuddos to You for Keeping Your Kids Active Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you’re doing everything right as parents – but there’s one thing you’re doing right without a doubt: keeping your kids active. Whether they’re in gymnastics or martial arts, or soccer or baseball, what’s important is that they’re doing something active. But … Continued

Powerful Word of January: EMPATHY

Powerful Word of The Month: EMPATHY   Young students: “I can imagine how you feel!” Older students/teens/adults: “Reading, understanding and responding to other people’s feelings.”   Week 1 Empathy defined: How do we read & understand other people’s feelings? Week 2 Predicting/communicating emotions: Educated guesses & “I feel” statements Week 3 The impact of emotions: … Continued

Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit

Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit There are many phrases that quickly send even the calmest of parents into a frenzy. “I want to quit” ranks up there for many of us. It doesn’t matter how old they are, the scenario runs pretty much the same. They go to practice or the game or … Continued

Healthy(er) Cookies!

Healthy(er) Cookies! (No, that’s not a typo) After-school snacks are a must for many, but the majority of go-to pantry finds are loaded with salt and sugar (and who knows what else). Skip the processed goods and instead opt for homemade cookies. Even better, these cookies pack a punch with low sugar, plenty of fiber … Continued

Make 2017 the Year That Your Family’s Resolutions Stick

Make 2017 the Year That Your Family’s New Year’s Resolutions Stick New Year’s resolutions are a great tradition, but often one that quickly falls into the “made to be broken” category. Though well intentioned, those resolutions that kick off your year begin fading until they become distant memory – or material for next year’s resolution. … Continued

Unwrapping the True Meaning of Christmas

The True Meaning of Christmas When you think back to your own favorite Christmas memories, what comes to mind? Hanging your favorite ornament on the tree? Waking up to find that Santa enjoyed the cookies and milk you left for him? Shouting “like a lightbulb!” during “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”? The fact is, children’s most … Continued

3 Ways to Keep Kids Active at Home

3 Ways to Keep Kids Active at Home “Back in our day,” we used to have free reign outdoors, for the most part. When summers and weekends came, many of us got the boot out of the house and a rule to be home before dark. We’d fill our days playing outside with friends and … Continued

Healthy Twists on Thanksgiving Classics

Healthy Twists on Thanksgiving Classics Although Thanksgiving is about friendships and counting our blessings, for many Americans, it quickly turns into a day of eating… and of course, that doesn’t mean overloading on healthy salads. Keep this year’s menu traditional, but a bit healthier, with these healthy – and easy – twists on the classics. … Continued