From Intention to Reality: Getting Kids Past “Burnout”

Does this sound familiar? It’s 8 A.M. on a Saturday morning, and it’s time to load up the van and drive to your child’s soccer tournament. Getting her out of bed and ready to go has been like pulling teeth, and now she doesn’t want to go at all. “Why do we have a tournament … Continued

Parent’s Perch November 2016 – DEPENDABILITY

Dear Family, The Powerful Word of the month for November is “dependability.” Dependability is closely linked with being accountable, responsible and trustworthy. It’s a powerful word that asks people to keep their promises, be present for those who rely on them and complete jobs/tasks without needing to be monitored. It’s important that we teach children … Continued

Why Participation in Extracurriculars is Good for Kids

Above and Beyond: Why participation in Extracurriculars is Good for Kids Sports practice, music lessons, and academic clubs are all activities that keep kids and teens busy practicing and rehearsing and preparing. You may find yourself wondering whether it is worth all the time (and money) to keep your child involved. The truth is, extracurriculars … Continued

3 No-Stress Quick, Healthy Lunches

3 No-Stress Quick, Healthy Lunches Heading back to school is filled with plenty of things to worry about… school supplies, clothes, paperwork, medical records… the list seems endless. Nevermind school lunches. As if the debate between brown bagging it or buying lunch at school wasn’t enough, adorable animal-themed Bento boxes have seemingly consumed Pinterest-lovers everywhere. … Continued

7 Tips for Kids Using Social Media

7 Ways to Help Kids Use Social Media Responsibly and Respectfully          Our children are engaging in social media like never before. Facebook. Snapchat. Twitter. Instagram. Tumblr. Vine. YouTube. Children and teens are snapping, posting, tweeting, commenting, recording, and interacting in a virtual social world that extends well beyond the playgrounds and hallways of … Continued