3 Kid Foods Made Healthy

  Odds are that your kids don’t typically beg for fresh broccoli and roasted vegetables. Weird, right?! If they’re like mine, they PROBABLY want the typical “kid foods” – mac ‘n cheese, hot dogs, burgers, fries… you know, all the simple, delicious, carby – fatty foods that most adults simply can’t get away with (if … Continued

Placing Your Child in the Best Activity

So Many Choices, Right? A day in the life of parenting seems endlessly full of choices surrounding our kids. What to dress them in, what to feed them, and – among countless others, what activities to sign them up for. And beyond what to sign them up for, there’s the debate of which activities are … Continued

Volunteering for a Change

Volunteering for a Change Too often, the idea of volunteering is limited to the holiday season. Or worse… relegated to the function of boosting a child’s academic resume. Parents and kids view volunteering as a to-do rather than a way of life. But volunteering for the right reasons brings with it a host of benefits … Continued

Homemade, Kid-Friendly Fun Exercise: Chores

The going recommendation is one hour of active play every day.  While we hope your kids regularly exceed that recommendation, we know that staying active during the cold and rainy season can prove a bit of a struggle. Outdoor sports do provide a great outlet for that energy, but they’re not the only way to … Continued

Healthy Eating Habits for Kids 101

  Healthy Eating Habits for Kids 101 Has your dinner table become a constant battle ground for getting your kids to eat their veggies? Do you pack their lunch containers full of healthy foods, only for them to bring it back still half full? Are you worried that you are failing at the responsibility of … Continued

Dollars and Sense: Making the Most of Kids’ Weekly Allowance 

Dollars and Sense:  Making the Most of Kids’ Weekly Allowance     Many parents choose to give their kids an “allowance” of money on a weekly basis. In some families, kids must complete a predetermined set of chores or tasks to receive this money. In others, kids may be given the weekly stipend with no … Continued

Perfect “10” Tumbling

Why Do We Teach Excellent Tumbling Technique?   In today’s instant society, it is easy for tumbling coaches, students, and parents to want to rush into new tumbling skills before they are ready or before they have obtained excellent form and technique. Without taking much consideration into mental and physical development, students can be asked … Continued

The Power of “Yet”

The Power of “Yet” The other day, I walked into the dining room to find my three-year-old slumped at the table in tears. Puzzled, I asked her what was the matter. “It’s the little ‘d’. I can’t do it,” she sobbed. She had been practicing her letters excitedly for the past week, but had stumbled … Continued

3 Ways to Show Love to Your Kids

 3 Ways to Show Love to Your Kids In our hearts as parents, our kids are number one. Unfortunately, with the myriad demands of modern everyday life, it may not always look that way. Here are 3 ways you can show your child how much you care.   Take your child out on a “date” Taking … Continued

Kuddos to You for Keeping Your Kids Active

Kuddos to You for Keeping Your Kids Active Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you’re doing everything right as parents – but there’s one thing you’re doing right without a doubt: keeping your kids active. Whether they’re in gymnastics or martial arts, or soccer or baseball, what’s important is that they’re doing something active. But … Continued