The X Factors to Your Kids’ Health

Are your kids struggling to focus in school? Are they tired? Have they been diagnosed with ADHD? Are they active and still having trouble with weight? If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations – you’re an American! But there is hope; here are several factors that are incredibly crucial to you and … Continued

“Hack” To School

Well — You did it! You’ve been back to school for close to a month now! Parents everywhere have been sharing in a collective sigh that the season of “I’m bored!” has ended… only to inhale again in preparation for the daunting year ahead. However, just like any other challenging and complicated task, a little … Continued

5 Things to Clean From Your Pantry

5 Things to Clean From Your Pantry As we enter the new fall season and school year, let us set our children up for healthy success with the foods they eat! Let the windows fly open and break out the cleaning supplies! We know, it’s daunting – that all too often overlooked pantry. Over the … Continued

Are You A Sideline Mom?

3 Types of Sideline Parents If you parent a child in a competitive sport, you’ve no doubt been witness to a variety of “sideline parents.” We’re all there to cheer on and support our kids – but some people just do it with a bit more… shall we say “flair.” Have you witnessed these? The … Continued

Ready, Set, Goals!

    Teaching Kids to Set and Achieve their Goals The new school year has started! Now is the PERFECT time to start talking to your child about goals for the upcoming year. Mind you, these goals don’t have to be limited to academic progress (though that’s certainly a good one)! Worthwhile goals are academic, athletic, social, … Continued

6 Ways to Stay Fit Before Summer Ends

It’s Upon Us…   The end of summer is quickly approaching and the rush to fill summer with fun activities for the kids – and us, too, is coming to a close. As we know, days spent at the movies or in front of the TV have been tempting. But remember that keeping active is … Continued

Screen Time: How Much is Too Much?

“I’m Bored” = Screen Time?  Summer vacation is now well upon us and screen time may be running rampant. Most parents have probably already heard those two dreaded words from their child: I’m bored. If you’re anything like me, you may be tempted to hit the “easy button” on this complaint by letting your child … Continued

3 Kid Foods Made Healthy

  Odds are that your kids don’t typically beg for fresh broccoli and roasted vegetables. Weird, right?! If they’re like mine, they PROBABLY want the typical “kid foods” – mac ‘n cheese, hot dogs, burgers, fries… you know, all the simple, delicious, carby – fatty foods that most adults simply can’t get away with (if … Continued

Placing Your Child in the Best Activity

So Many Choices, Right? A day in the life of parenting seems endlessly full of choices surrounding our kids. What to dress them in, what to feed them, and – among countless others, what activities to sign them up for. And beyond what to sign them up for, there’s the debate of which activities are … Continued

Volunteering for a Change

Volunteering for a Change Too often, the idea of volunteering is limited to the holiday season. Or worse… relegated to the function of boosting a child’s academic resume. Parents and kids view volunteering as a to-do rather than a way of life. But volunteering for the right reasons brings with it a host of benefits … Continued