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Commencing January 2017 and available for ages 8-18, Aerial Fit Kids is an exciting new program we proudly offer in partnership with Above Ground Aerial Art & Fitness, LLC. Aerial silks is considered an aerial art, and more broadly a circus art. It draws on elements of dance, acrobatics, yoga, rope climbing, flexibility progressions and more. Aerial Fit Kids classes are taught by certified aerial instructors who are passionate about quality learning and safety. Classes are 60 minutes in length and consist of warm-up drills, proper body positioning and safety techniques, skill learning, flexibility and strength conditioning, and cool-down stretches. Your child will learn several methods of climbing as well as a variety of skills in the fabric low to the ground (approximately 1-3 feet high). As progress is made in skill level, strength, and confidence, your child will combine height and dynamic to their mastered skills.


The Benefits

The compelling creative movement of aerial silks teaches your child fun and challenging skills which build core strength, physical endurance, coordination and flexibility. Aerial fitness training also plays an important developmental role for your child’s mind by increasing self-esteem and a sense of trust. Aerial Fit Kids safely and progressively teaches aerial skills which develop total mind-body coordination, climbing, balancing, inverting, and more. These skills help a child’s brain to grow and adapt creatively in the most unique way.

The Mission

Aerial Fit Kids’ mission is to motivate kids to believe in themselves and what they are capable of, while also teaching them how to become aware of and set limits and goals for themselves.

To Learn More

In addition to our Aerial Fit Kids program, Above Ground offers aerial silks and aerial hammock classes for adults of all ages, and can be tailored to any lifestyle, preference, body type, or fitness goal. To learn more about Above Ground, all classes offered, or hiring professional aerial performers for your next event, please visit

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