5 Reasons Why Active Kids Rock

The Active Kid Paradox

We all love our kids. Like, they squeeze our hearts and make us want to burst with our love for them! And at the same time, we want to velcro their little active tushes to the couch just to have 10 minutes of peace and quiet. Funny how that works! Unfortunately, those flustered feelings are probably not going to resolve. BUT, we can neutralize them somewhat by reminding ourselves of some of the awesome perks of having active kids! Here are 5 reasons:


5 Awesome Perks They Bring 

  1. They’re pure joy. Because watching their little face when they score or land that stunt they’ve been working on is akin to finally seeing Santa and his little elves in real life. ‘Nuff said.
  2. They give us outlets. The bond of team parents is a strong one! We spend hours on the bench with one another, fighting and cheering for the same thing. We cross cities and state lines, share hotels, and work together to get our kids where they need to go. The only thing about team sports that’s better than cheering for your kid and seeing them succeed is the relationships you form with the other parents. Thanks, kids!
  3. We can live vicariously. While there may be a few of us out there who can still land a roundoff, back handspring, back tuck combo, I’m betting it’s few and far between. But when your kid does it, you get to relive the rush all over again.
  4. Because think if they weren’t. Active kids are healthy kids. They tend to do better in sports, live healthier lives even after their youth sports days are done, and have awesome social skills. Yes, they can be a little off-the-walls with energy some days – but imagine the opposite. There are plenty of kids, particularly in their later years, who are happy to park it on the couch and watch TV or play video games all day. Not only is that plain sad; it’s far less healthy. Kids are supposed to have energy and stay active – it’s what they’re meant to do!
  5. They’re ours. While their incessant energy and the bumps, tumbles, and noises of things falling in the house at all hours can drive us batty, at the end of the day, they’re our little people. We’ll still kiss every bruise, be there for snuggles and hugs, and cheer them on when that activity produces successes. We love them and share pride in their conquests – because they’re ours, and no one else can say that.

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