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Since 2002 we have produced more Tiger Cheerleaders than any gym in Baton Rouge. Some of them include:
Natalie Cohn, Michelle Soileau, Brooke Ladner, Brittany Robb,
Ashlei Pater, Katherine Whitty, Jill Honeycutt, Keli Richardson,
Abby Delahoussaye, Karrah Drummond, Chelsea Hebert, Reney Mascari, Catherine Messenger

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In the words of my 9 year-old daughter, Caroline, “LA Athletics is awesome!!” This was our first year at LA Athletics and our first experience with competitive cheer. Caroline had some previous basic tumbling experience, but on her first day was asked to join the Tiny Twisters. She was thrilled to be a part of a team and has progressed unbelievably in her tumbling with the help of her dedicated coaches. I have seen them really focus on the individual needs of each member and show compassion and support when needed. We couldn’t be happier we joined the LA Athletics family!
Ann Uzee - Tiny Twisters
When your child rather spend ALL of her free time at the gym with coaches who fuss and push her to all limits, but mostly praise and teach her the right path in life. That kid who goes to practice hours early and don’t want to leave after 9pm when everyone’s exhausted and ready to get home. Thank you To all of the LA coaches!!!
Amy Beal - Hail
My girls have been tumbling and cheering at LA Athletics since 2005. I’ve watched them both master amazing individual skills and truly learn that success is a result of hard work and teamwork! The girls love the many fun times and life long friends they’ve made. My husband and I love the family atmosphere, the emphasis on safety and the talented and dedicated coaches. We are proud to be a part of the LA family!
Dawn McManus Frost / ICE
We have been so pleased with LA Athletics cheer and tumbling. Since we moved here in the summer of 2014 our 13 yr. old daughter has learned to independently do her back hand spring and round off back handspring. She has mastered these and cheer techniques from staff whom are knowledgeable, persistent, encouraging, rewarding, and supportive. While working hard on these skills the staff have also shown these athletes the importance to give back into their community during the holiday season. They are helping my daughter grow in so many ways than expected. We are proud to be a part of the LA Athletics family!
The Francis Family
My daughter has been at LA Athletics for the last two seasons for cheer, as well as tumbling classes. I was amazed at how quickly she progressed in such a short period of time and continues to excel in so many areas. Competitive cheer has taught her teamwork, dedication and many other qualities that are important in life. The coaches and staff truly care about each team member as an athlete and on a personal level. We have been extremely impressed with our experience here and look forward to many more years to come. LA is not just a gym…it is a family!
Misty Hamric - Tiny Twisters